Competition Results...

September 2017 - Longlisted with two stories for the Brighton Prize

June 2017 - Longlisted for the Retreat West First Chapter Competition 2017

May 2017 - Longlisted for The Exeter Story Prize

May 2017 - Longlisted for the Royal Academy & Pin Drop Short Story Award 2017

February 2017Runner up (2/700+) in the InkTears Short Story Contest 2016

September 2016 - Shortlisted (22/700) for The Brighton Prize with one flash fiction and one short story

July 2016 - Longlisted for Flash500 Flash Fiction.

July 2016 - Shortlisted for first 500 words of an opening novel, Retreat West.

June 2016 - Longlisted for The Exeter Story Prize.

May 2016 -Won the Fresher Writing Prize with "Cyfannedd Fach", judged by Francesca Main and Madeleine Milburn.

April 2016 - Longlisted for the Exeter Writers Short Story competition with two stories (withdrew one).

April 2016 - On the longlist for the Flash 500 Flash Fiction competition with "Thirst".

April 2016 - On the shortlist for the Fresher Publishing prize with two stories, "Cyfannedd Fach" and "Blank Walls". Stories will be published in their forthcoming anthology.

April 2016 - Shortlisted for the Retreat West Flash Fiction competition to win a writer's retreat with '"The Freedom of the Sea".

March 2016 - Longlisted for the Fish Short Story Prize 2015 with "Business as Usual at the Yew Tree".

March 2016 - Shortlisted for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2015 - 2016 with "Business as Usual at the Yew Tree". Publication of story in paperback anthology. In the top 10 shortlisted from almost 1,000 entries.

March 2016 - Longlisted for the Flash 500 Short Story Competition 2016.

November 2015 - Winner in Bath Story Fridays and Bath and North East Somerset Library Short Story Competition for "Les Danseurs Sur Glace" - performed by Actress Kirsty Cox to a full house.

November 2015 - Honourable Mention for "Last Prayers at the Chapel" in Aestas Short Story Competition 2015 - published in paperback anthology.  Available on Amazon.

March 2015 - Longlisted for the Fish Poetry Prize, 2015 with "The House Beside the Lake" - 153 poems longlisted out of 1,432 poems submitted.

Published Work and Reviews

"Cyfannedd Fach" won the Fresher Writing Prize 2016, - "Blank Walls" was also shortlisted and both appear in the Fresher Publishing Prize Anthology.  Available in paperback.

"Business as Usual at the Yew Tree" shortlisted for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2015 - 2016. Shortlist of 10 from almost 1,000 entries.

Published in the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology -available in paperback.

As I traversed the brilliantly daunting route through Business as Usual at The Yew Tree, it sent a satisfyingly thrilling chill up my spine. I enjoyed the way Hannah presented the horribly normal narrative of the clearly deranged trio at the centre of her piece.
— Tracey West, Founder and Head Judge of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize

"Last Prayers at the Chapel"- Honourable Mention, Aestas 2015

Published in Aestas 2015 International Anthology - Available from Amazon

See here for more information.

Making readers believe the unbelievable is not easy. It is even more difficult getting them to believe what the writer wants them to. It is a tight contest, and Hannah Persaud wins easily.
— Judge Anisha Bhaduri, Aestas 2015, Fabula Press

"Les Danseurs Sur Glace" - Winner, Bath Story Fridays, 2015

Performed by actress Kirsty Cox, audio available at

Hannah’s story really stood out amongst the submissions. It had a fantastic sense of place - it was certainly the only story set inside a glacier. It was atmospheric, suspenseful and original, and was the unanimous choice of all the judges.
— Clare Reddaway, writer and founder of A Word in Your Ear

"At the Campsite" selected for publication in e-anthology by Swansea District Writers Circle, November 2015