Novel in progress - untitled

This is a literary fiction that explores themes of love, loyalty, and identity.  Set in rural Wales and London in 2016 it tells the story of architect Ryan and his wife, Emily.  Inhabited pivots on what it means to belong to a place, to a landscape, to a person.  It may appeal to readers who enjoyed Andrew Miller's "The Crossing", Stephanie Bishop's "The Other Side of the World", or Lauren Groff's "The Fates and the Furies".  It is 80,000 words long. 

The story begins with the impulsive purchase of a remote cottage in rural Wales, but nothing is as it initially seems.

‘Look,’ she calls, and she is so close to the edge that he cannot make out where the ground ends and the space begins. She is pointing and he feels that one simple gust of wind would end it all. He follows her finger and as if on cue sunshine forces its way between the clouds, splintering the ghostly clouds. Moisture mingles in the air and a rainbow is born, spreading widely above them. He sees Ada in silhouette now, her hair golden and glowing beneath the ribboned colours. How frail she looks yet it seems as if she is commanding the mountain. Her head is back and she is motionless, palms upwards. He is afraid of what might come next.