Photography courtesy of my talented friend  Charlie Campey .

Photography courtesy of my talented friend Charlie Campey.

Hannah is a fiction writer represented by Laura Macdougall of United Agents. Her childhood was spent growing up in various parts of England before moving to South East Asia, where she went to school in Kathmandu, Nepal, and later India.  Reading and writing have always been her greatest passions.

Hannah recently won the InkTears Short Story Contest with her story “Cyfannedd Fach”. Her debut novel “Margins of Truth” is based on the winning story.  She was also recently shortlisted for The Cambridge Short Story Prize. Runner up with InkTears last year, she has been asked to be a judge for the 2018 competition. Publications are numerous and include Magic Oxygen, The Brighton Prize and The Fresher Writing Prize, whose short story competition she won in 2016. 

Her debut novel "Margins of Truth" is currently out on submission.